Winter Pond & Water Feature Care

Only feed your fish, if suitable, using a winter food!

Use a pond heater or similar product to prevent ice from forming completely over your pond – this allows gases to exchange (i.e. toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide out and fresh, such as oxygen in) and keep the inhabitants from suffocating. Never use an object to smash the ice as the shock waves caused by this could kill your fish!  Do not pour hot water on the ice either, as this could cause temperature issues and is only a temporary solution

  • Ideally raise the pump to the shallowest depth, as close to the filter outlet as possible, to ensure minimum water circulation and heat loss
  • If you wish to turn off any form of filtration then drain it out completely and remove from the garden to prevent it from getting damaged by freezing with any water inside it
  • If you are going to install a pond or water feature, then this is probably the best time of the year in which to do so, so that it will be all up & running to be ready for the approaching summer ahead! Many books are available to help you decide and advise exactly what you will require for your new venture. Please ask a member of staff for any advice concerning this
  • Most importantly, always remember to install safe electrics in your garden (e.g. use a suitably qualified electrician or buy a pre-wired Armadillo Power System) and always use a circuit breaker (RCD) with any power supply.

Follow the above rules and advice and you can enjoy all-year-round success with your pond or water feature for year after year!