Tips about your Pond

Pond Capacity

To avoid over-dosing when adding any medication or treatment to your pond, it is vital for you to know the water capacity. When installing a pre-formed pond the water capacity will be shown on the packaging but it is always a good idea to make a note of the details. For rectangular or circular shaped ponds there are a few simple calculations to work out the capacity.

Here are a few final tips for a successful pond

  • Prepare a list of everything you need
  • Find the best position for your pond, level site away from overhanging trees
  • Make sure the sun reaches your pond for at least half the day
  • Remember fish are living creatures, treat them with care
  • Water quality is vital!
  • Always use a circuit breaker when using electrics
  • Don’t stock with fish that are too big for the pond
  • Don’t plant more than 2-3 plants per square metre
  • Good planning at the beginning will pay dividends when you want to enjoy your pond

Rectangular Example

Length x Width x Depth
10ft x 8ft x 3ft = 240ft3

Conversion to gallons
240ft3 x 6.25 = 1500 gals

Conversion to litres
1500 gals x 4.546 = 6820 litres

Circular Example

Width x Width x Depth x pi (3.142)
6ft x 6ft x 4ft x 3.142 = 452ft3

Conversion to gallons
452 x 6.25 = 2847 gals

Conversion to litres
2847 gals x 4.546 = 12942 litres


Gallons to Litres    Gallons x 4.546

Litres to Gallons    Litres divided by 4.546

Feet to Metres       Feet x 0.305

Metres to Feet       Metres divided by 0.305