Summer Pond & Water Feature Care

Using test kits check water quality on a regular basis

Feed fish up to 3 times per day according to your ponds condition and water temperature. A feeding ring can help condition your fish to become more tame and prevents food from drifting around the pond, thus preventing overfeeding and water quality issues

  • Check fish health regularly and treat for symptoms as soon as you see any
  • This is the best time of the year to add fish into your pond. Staff at Aquatic Village are always available to ask on the best way to introduce new fish into your pond
  • Remove any weeds from marginal pond plants and regularly prune them to keep them in the best of health – watch out for any pests or diseases on the plants! Keep oxygenating plants well managed and fresh.  Feed them more during the fast growing spells
  • This is the best time to add water lilies and floating plants such as ‘Water Lettuce’ and ‘Water Hyacinth’ to your pond or feature (do not place them in an area where water splashes onto their leaves however)
  • Add an air pump to your pond if it gets particularly hot to aid circulation – keep all pumps on 24 hours a day!
  • Remove algae as it grows – adding algaecides to your pond or water feature if required. Electronic and magnetic devices are also available to help control the growth and spread of blanketweed
  • Regularly clean and replace any pond pump pre-filter foams
  • Clean any pond filter foams, ideally one at a time rather than all in one clean, in old pond water only! Top up the pond or feature with fresh de-chlorinated water
  • Watch out for new and existing predators to your pond such as a heron, and fit a suitable cover or deterrent to your pond

Follow the above rules and advice and you can enjoy all-year-round success with your pond or water feature for year after year!