Planting Calendar

The Water Gardener’s Calendar


The earlier marginals will now be flowering – plant some of the new varieties or the ever popular ones like calthas for instant effect. Feed water lilies the easy way with Beaver Aquatabs, dividing and re-potting if necessary. Split and re-pot overgrown marginals. Plant oxygenators early to get them well established before the hot weather. Put in a Beaver Pond Conditioner for natural algae control, so it can start working before the algae begins to multiply.



Time to enjoy the beauty of your pond plants, all varieties should be available now. Add some extra containers planted with your favourites. Exotic floaters will give a lovely show and provide cover for baby fish. Remove decaying leaves and flowers of water lilies as they are replaced with fresh growth. Check that there are sufficient oxygenating plants in the pond and add more as required.



Some late flowering marginals will be at their best now. Containerised plants can be planted at any time of the year, so do not be afraid to introduce some new ones. Trim back decaying foliage as the earlier plants die back. A pond cover net will prevent autumn leaves collecting in the pond.



Winter: A pond heater will prevent the pond from icing over completely. If you are not going to keep your pond pump on over the winter period, remove it from the pond, drain it and store it safely indoors.