Keeping Coldwater Fish

If you are looking for a new hobby, look no further than goldfish.  A well-stocked aquarium can be very therapeutic to watch and easy to keep.

Keeping goldfish (Carassius auratis auratus) is a very popular hobby, they originate from China and there are many different types or breeds varying in colour, size and shape

Here at Aquatic Village we stock a wide variety of aquariums, ranging in size and budget.  We have start-up aquariums which have all you need to get you started.


The Goldfish started life as a food fish for China and Japan over 1000 years ago.goldfish-large

It soon developed as an ornamental pet as breeders crossed the colours and varieties to achieve many different breeds; it is now    the most commonly kept pet across the whole world with over 100 different varieties.


When planning your pond you should take into consideration what types of fish you would like to keep. There are three different types of pond. Firstly a natural pond with lots of plants and a few fish such as Stickleback, Rudd or Tench. Secondly a pond with mixed fish such as Goldfish, Shubunkins, Sarasas or Tench. Also if your pond is large enough and 1m deep, Orfe and Carp. Thirdly a large pond with a depth of 3ft and lots of filtration will make an ideal Koi pond.

Introducing Fish

When introducing fish into your pond you should always test the water for pH, Ammonia, and Nitrate. You should always test the saturation levels whether you have fish in your pond or you are introducing new fish from your retailer as they will be kept in good quality water. If all the water parameters are OK introduce a few fish each week to your pond until it is fully stocked, this will allow the bacteria in your filter to build up slowly as you introduce fish into the pond. Always remember; for an unfiltered pond introduce a maximum 1 inch of fish per 10 gallons of water. If you have a good filter and U.V. introduce 1 inch max of fish per 5 gallons.

Useful Tips

Remember if you buy 10 fish at 1 inch, a year later if they double in size to 2 inches you will have 20 inches of fish. This is a common mistake people make and can lead to over-stocking and water quality problems. Fish can also breed which can add to further over-stocking problems.

In the winter when the pond freezes you should purchase a pond heater to melt the ice and to let the toxic gas out of the water and oxygen in.

During the warmer months always leave your pumps  and filter on 24 hours a day for two reasons. First the bacteria in the filter needs oxygen 24 hours a day or it will lead to poor water quality and more importantly the fish need oxygen 24 hours a day. The algae in the pond releases oxygen during the day and not at night and this can lead to an unhealthy pond environment. A waterfall can be a nice addition to a pond and also adds vital oxygen to the water. Never wash your filter media out under the tap as the chlorine will kill the bacteria in the filter media.

Our Fisheries

To to ensure the Koi we sell to our customers are of the best quality and health. Our Koi are held in a state of the art facility for three months prior to sale and fed on a high quality diet. They are the distributed to our stores when they are 100% fit for sale. As a result our stores will always have new fish weekly to provide the widest choice.

An ideal starter fish for any pond and will live in a mixed pond very well. Breeds quickly and grows to 30cm.

Perfect fish to add colour to a mixed pond also breeds well and reaches up to 30cm maximum.




Sarasas Comets

Similar in colour to a goldfish but with a greater degree of whiteness, perfect for a mixed pond. Again can reach 30cm.

 Golden Rudd
A shoaling fish so buy in 6 or more, they breed quite well and their numbers will soon build up in the pond. Maximum size 15cm, again a good fish for a mixed pond.

Golden/Blue Orfe
The orfe family are a shoaling fish and you should always buy 6 or more. They need lots of oxygen in a filtered pond and they can reach a size of 60cm but a large pond is necessary for this. Good surface feeders.

Green/Gold Tench
The Tench is an ideal bottom feeder for any pond and are also quite shy. In the wild they will grow quite large in size, but in a pond at home only up to a size of 30cm. A good sinking food is recommended for this type of fish.

Are probably the most preferred fish amongst our customers. They are gracious & beautiful fish and on average grow to between 30-40cm but can grow up to 90cm. A large pond is required with a 3ft minimum depth and lots of filtration. Will mix with others but ideally best suited with just Koi.