Autumn Pond & Water Feature Care

Reduce the quantity of food fed to your fish as winter approaches.

Change their feed to a more suited diet that is digested more easily at these lower temperatures. Using a pond thermometer will help you make sure when you should be feeding your fish and how often

  • Finally treat your pond before the water temperature falls below 12ÂșC with a broad range parasite treatment as any fish harbouring parasites over the winter will be untreatable due to the lower water temperatures
  • Cut back all submerged pond plants so that they do not die during the cold winter months and pollute your pond. Using Oase Pond Pliers and Pond Shears will make this job much easier
  • Cut back all marginal plants and remove all rotting material from the water
  • Remove any floating plants from the pond or feature and protect them in frost free conditions
  • Cover your pond, if not already covered, to catch the autumn and winter debris from the garden
  • This is a good time to install pond and garden lighting to extend the hours you have to enjoy your pond or feature as the days get shorter.

Follow the above rules and advice and you can enjoy all-year-round success with your pond or water feature for year after year!