Welcome to the Aquatic Village – The Koi Specialists

We are specialists in many aquatic areas ranging from top grade and Award Winning Japanese Koi to a large selection of tropical fish and everything in between!

You’ll be able to find everything you need when it comes to installing a Pond or Aquarium at our New Store in Littlehampton, West Sussex. You’ll now find us at Maidenhead Aquatics Littlehampton, offering a wide range of products, we stock most major brands for both Indoor and Outdoor markets.

The aim of our website is to keep our customers up to date with new developments within our shop, including new fish arrivals, promotions and upcoming events which we will be hosting. Also interesting information and photographs about Koi and their origins in Japan.

Aquatic Village stockists of Blagdon, Fluval, Hozelock & Aqua One
Aquatic Village stockists of Blagdon, Fluval, Hozelock & Aqua One

All the best Fish

At Aquatic Village we stock a wide range of Fish, from our specialty Koi, to Tropical, Discus, Freshwater & Pondfish. Come along to the store and see for yourself.

Filtration Systems

Whether you have a small aquarium or a lake sized pond, the correct type of Pump and Fitration System is essential to maintaining the water quality.

All the best Aquariums

Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, from the small BiOrbs and Fluval Edge, through the range of Juwel and Aquatropic Aquariums to own range of AquaOak designed to complement the existing furnishings of your home.

Water Gardening

Thinking on putting a Pond or Water Feature in your garden? We have everything you’ll ever need, from our guide to design & build, through all the Pumps and Filters you’ll need all the way to stocking with Fish.

All the best Plants

Take care to plant your aquatic plants in the correct part of your pond. Water lilies grow in deeper water and send up leaves that float on the surface. See our Guide to Planting

Tropical Fish

Keeping tropical fish is another satisfying hobby, there is more colour, variety and scope than keeping cold-water fish. At aquatic Village we have a vast range of Tropical Fish come along to the store and see for yourself.

All the best Advice

The staff at Aquatic Village have many years of experience of Koi, Tropical & Coldwater fish along with all of the equipment needed to set up a successful Aquarium or Pond. Got a question – we’re here to help.

Fish Food

To achieve a healthy, trouble-free pond or aquarium it is essential to feed a good quality food.We stock a wide range of Fish Foods to cover all the different fish types, along with varieties to help improve water quality and fish health.

Where to find us

We have moved to a new location. You will now find us at Maidenhead Aquatics Littlehampton, on the A259 – Crookthorn Lane

What Our Customers are Saying

“Great fish, great shop and great staff make me feel good when ever we visit. The staff take notice of what you say and give advice as and when required to make sure that you are happy with any item that you choose, fish or food.GREAT SHOP.”.
John Durrant

“Very knowledgeable staff at Aquatic Village, always able to resolve any problems with our new tank set-up. Would recommend this shop to anyone interested in buying fish”.
Shelia Rawlins

“Very helpful,friendly staff who know their stuff! and as for the fish….extremely good quality, well looked after, great selection and I think very fairly priced. Top recommendation for Koi enthusiasts of all levels
Jay White

“Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff definitely recommend”
Cass Watts

“Wouldn’t buy my fish from anyone else. Fantastic shop”

Denise Wye